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Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma (2003) *PS2* *PAL*

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Console games

added: 2010-10-12

Gry Online

Developer: Paradigm Entertainment



   In Mission: Impossible--Operation Surma, players step into the role of Ethan Hunt as he traverses the globe uncovering the insidious mysteries behind the malevolent Surma Corporation and its newly developed virus, ICEWorm, which allows Surma to break into any computer system in the world. Armed with the hyper-cool, super-spy technology and weaponry from the Mission: Impossible movies, such as miniature remote-controlled devices, micro cameras, tranquilising darts and character disguises, Hunt must lead his elite team in preventing Surma Corp from achieving its ultimate goal: global domination.


   Mission: Impossible--Operation Surma features ground-breaking gameplay that empowers players to choose the tactics and gameplay style they wish to use in tackling mission objectives. For example, as Hunt, a player can forge an uneasy alliance with questionable allies in order to gain the upper hand against an overwhelming enemy force; or, the player can charge in, with the latest top secret IMF weapon; or, the player can slide silently in and out of the shadows, penetrating enemy lairs unnoticed. Ultimately, the nature of the adventure lies in the player\\\'s hands.

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