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Chris de Burgh - The Hands of Man (2014) *MP3*

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added: 2014-10-19


Performer: Chris de Burgh

Genre: pop, rock

Release date: 2014

Audio codec: 320 Kbps


'The Hands of Man' is Chris De Burgh's 20th studio album of original new material. The album has been compiled to be listened to like a vinyl record; in two distinct parts, 'Sunrise' and 'Sunset', each introduced by orchestral instrumentals. "I think you have to grow with your ideas, your songs and your music, and that is what I've tried to do," says Chris. "On the new record, my intention was to reflect who I am today and the things that I think about." 'The Hands of Man' (the title-track and opening song of the same name) is a collection of 15 diverse songs referencing both the good and bad done by humankind.


01. The Hands of Man (4:45)
02. There Goes My Heart Again (3:23)
03. Big City Sundays (3:25)
04. Where Would I Be? (4:00)
05. The Ghost of Old King Richard (2:54)
06. The Candlestick (3:41)
07. Through These Eyes (3:02)
08. The Keeper of the Keys (4:54)
09. Meridiem (2:08)
10. Letting Go (3:18)
11. When the Dream Is Over (3:35)
12. Empty Rooms (3:36)
13. The Bridge (4:20)
14. The Fields of Agincourt (5:04)
15. One More Goodbye (3:16)

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