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VA - ZYX Italo Disco New Generation Vol. 8 (2016) *MP3*

Interest 54.55%

Non-Polish Music

added: 2016-05-01

Performer: VA

Genre: pop, dance, disco

Release date: 2016

Audio codec: 320kbps


no description


CD 1

01. Heaven42 feat. Mirko Hirsch - Strong To Fight (Extended Version)
02. Lenroy - You Are The Girl (Extended Edit)
03. Magic System DJ - Angels (Extended Version)
04. Cristina Manzano - Only Dreams (Extended Edit)
05. Mirko Hirsch - The Power Of Desire (Extended Version)
06. D. White feat. Soulya ID - Is Not The Rain (ZYX Extended Version)
07. Vanello & Martin Blix - Vagabondo (Album Version)
08. Lost Legacy - Lycan (Fullmoon Mix)
09. Mode One - I Wanna Feel You (Extended Version)
10. Boris Zhivago - Love Is A Memory Away (Long Love Mix)
11. Amaya - To The Top (Long Italo Mix)
12. NEA - Dorian Gray (Extended Version)

CD 2

01. Shaggy – Oh Carolina 3:04
01. Diamond Rain - Take My Love (Extended Version)
02. Romantic Avenue Feat. Quino - Drama (Maxi Version)
03. Synthya & Heaven42 - Just Tonight (Extended Version)
04. Malcom & The Bad Girls - No Heaven For The Bad Girls (Vocal Version)
05. Siberian Heat - Irresistible (Special ZYX Version)
06. Kristian Conde - It's A Dream (Michael Nolen Maxi Mix)
07. Estimado - Here I Am (Extended Version)
08. Digitalo - Never Say Never (ZYX Extended Version)
09. Peter Wilson - The Game Of Love (Extended Dub)
10. The Crosslines - I Can Feel Your Body (in The Night) (Maxi Version)
11. Electro Potato - Disconight (Special ZYX Version)
12. Cyber Space - Future On Mars

Detailed information

Total filesize: 362.77 MB

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