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Vanilla Ninja Best Of (2005) *MP3*

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Non-Polish Music

added: 2016-05-01

Performer: Vanilla Ninja

Genre: pop, rock

Release date: 2005

Audio codec: 232 kbps


Best Of is a best-of album by the Estonian girl band Vanilla Ninja. The album was released in December 2005 and consists of thirteen songs from their Traces of Sadness and Blue Tattoo albums. The album was released in several countries in Central Europe, failing to make the top 100 in Germany and Austria, and peaking at #70 in Switzerland. The album also ended their run of three straight album chart number ones in Estonia, failing to chart there also.


CD 1

1 Tough Enough 3:22
2 Don't Go Too Fast 3:11
3 When The Indians Cry 3:31
4 Blue Tattoo 4:08
5 Cool Vibes 4:05
6 My Puzzle Of Dreams 3:22
7 Never Gotta Know 3:15
8 Traces Of Sadness 3:21
9 Liar 3:36
10 Don't You Realize 3:49
11 I Know 3:17
12 Corner Of My Mind 3:37
13 Destroyed By You 3:51
14 Tough Enough (Extended Version) 6:24
15 Blue Tattoo (Extended Version) 9:20
16 Megamix (Extended Version) 6:29

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Total filesize: 113.07 MB

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